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2012 Wisdom of The Elohim

Copyable Audio CD 2-disc Collection
of All 12 Original Studio Recordings

2012 Wisdom of The ElohimMarshall Masters (Producer, Commentary)
Rebecca Jernigan (Channel for The Elohim)

A Philosophy of 2012 Survival Through Awareness, For All Walks of Life

When planning ahead for difficult times we each go through a similar process. One that begins with awareness and which then leads us to knowledge. At some point, we eventually we realize that the need for material preparations is prudent, but then what comes next? The most important phase of all. Spiritual preparation. The kind that strengthens you with a purposeful sense-of-self to help endure the difficult times ahead, with hope, humanity and compassion.

That is the purpose of this 12-part series wisdom teachings channeled by Rebecca Jernigan and with commentary by Marshall Masters.

About This 12-Part Series

Are you asking yourself, "why am I having these dreams?" You're not alone! Throughout the annals of human history there has always been a consistent trend. The human experience of sixth sense: our precious ability to search beyond the horizon for sustenance, shelter and safety. Given to us by the creator for the greater good, many leave it to waste, like unharvested crops of golden wheat and grain.

A few possess the courage to harvest what they can, and this series of teachings was created especially for them. To help enable them to harvest that which they already know and can feel within the grasp of their own spiritual senses.

Yet at some point, we eventually we realize that the need for material preparations is prudent, but then what comes next? The most important phase of all. Spiritual preparation. The kind that strengthens you with a purposeful sense-of-self to help endure the difficult times ahead, with hope, humanity and compassion.


Disc 1 of 2 — Parts 1 to 6

Program Title Part Length
Our Prophetic Dreams — Series Introduction by Marshall Masters 1/12 [0:14:41]

Prophetic dreams are very personal things. They leave us with sticky imprints of what is to be, for there is a purpose to them. They task us explore our feelings for keys to inner wisdom. Although we collect many keys during our lives, few ever use them to unlock the doors of knowledge. This series therefore begins with the story of one man’s life, which was forever changed by the turn of a key.

We are The Elohim 2/12 [0:13:37]

We are who we are, just as you are who you are. In this realization we are all connected. This is the essential message the Elohim wish us to understand. That we are all equally connected with them as they are with humanity, through a common goal of peace and enlightenment. Their message is about loving each other as a way to survive, so that we may prosper with dignity and evolve with nobility. It is their purpose for being and their message to us through these teachings.

Survival Awareness 3/12 [0:11:42]

Why is it that so many fall: while a mysterious few escape the same fate? For some, it is chance and play. However, for others in this small minority, it is the direct consequence of their own survival senses. They see beyond the horizon and can sense where dangers lurk, as well as where sustenance and safety await. This is a powerful talent given to us by our creator. To awaken it, one need only needs to begin the simple process of awareness.

Preparedness and Intuition 4/12 [0:11:43]

There sometimes comes a knock at the door and if we open it unprepared, what steps across the threshold can be a horror we’ve never seen before. Yet preparing for the unknown is far more difficult than preparing for that which we already know and understand. Sadly, the years ahead will present us with many such doors to open, and behind them will be new realities of danger and woe. Therefore, our best defense is to weave the knowledge of preparedness, with a supreme confidence in our own sense of intuition.

Knowledge and Meaning 5/12 [0:11:23]

A small step beyond preparedness is where meaning awaits knowledge. In a survival sense, meaning is the opportunity to remember what works, as well as the dangers lurking in the shadows. Meaning is therefore wisdom codified into folklore that can be easily understood and remembered by even the youngest amongst us. The ancients have thusly used the art of folklore, and it has served them well. In the tribulations ahead, the new meanings we gain, shall become our own gifts of folklore to future generations. Rich with stories of courage and compassion, it too will be imbued with humanity’s noblest traditions.

Responsibility and Courage 6/12 [0:13:50]

Courage is the most important human emotion for our species. It defines the threshold between slavery and freedom, and each of us will have to cross it during the coming tribulation. Those who step forward with the integrity of courage will embark upon a journey of freedom. Those who step back in fear will stumble into the abyss of slavery. Yes, humanity has stood here before, but this time is different. We’ll either step forward to continue our transformation into a more enlightened species, or we’ll collectively commit ourselves to a final fate in the abyss. This is why the guides are lighting the path for us with these teachings. They believe in us.


Disc 2 of 2 — Parts 7 to 12

Program Title Part Length
Integrity and Self-Love 7/12 [0:13:50]

Loving yourself is not about pampering yourself with adornments, pleasures, fame and the vacuous admirations of others. It is about challenging all that you think and feel, each and every day of your life. This is because; to grow through enlightenment is the purest form of self-love. There are others, but in this existence, rising to meet our own personal challenges with integrity and love is how we love ourselves best.

Fear and Love 8/12 [0:12:19]

What we fear is of our own making, for the universe is what it is. To navigate it properly, fear must be understood as a passing impulse, but not the proper one by which to set a course through troubled times. For this we use love, the most powerful force in the universe and beyond. It is so powerful that it brings worlds and galaxies into being. On a human scale, it illuminates our journeys with safety, so do not who allow yourself to become impaled upon your own fears. Rather, navigate around them with the power of love.

Detachment and Loss 9/12 [0:14:25]

Do we truly lose others, when all of us have existed in one form or another since the beginning of time? Or do we lose each other at the end of time itself? These questions haunt us, but the answer is simple. There is no end to it, just new beginnings and new futures to explore together. No two are alike and the future we are about to enter shall challenge us with a turbulent passage, but it also heralds something more important than surviving cataclysm alone. A better future just beyond the horizon of our furthest dreams and to reach it, we must endure this transit with courage, accept its brevities with grace, and share its meager gifts with compassion. Never forget. It shall pass.

Duality and The Sexes 10/12 [0:12:15]

The only hope for humanity is that we survive together as co-equals: both men and women, regardless of race, color, creed or position. This is because there are no preordained positions of infallible superiority in the cosmos, nor are there inescapable positions of subservience. Rather, all are connected, co-equally. However, when we allow adversity or greed to polarize us, we begin to lose the very cosmic connections woven into us by our creator, to ensure our future survival as a species. If 2012 teaches us anything; it shall be that we are better than that.

The Gift of Choice 11/12 [0:14:02]

Choice is the most precious right of sentience and the creator universally gifts it to all sentient life, whether it is incarnated of this world or another. What makes it so precious is that it enables us as a sentient race to evolve, or de-evolve, if we so choose. Therefore, it is too precious gift to be squandered on mere baubles or vanity. Rather, honor the creator’s gift by considering your choices wisely, and for the greatest good.

2012 and Beyond 12/12 [0:14:49]

In all that we say and do, the reality of what lies beyond 2012 is a destiny of choice. We of this Earth as well as The Elohim and countless others share a common destiny. To evolve closer to the creator, by serving each other. These words are neither trite nor hastily spoken, for they offer a powerful truth. It is the greatest hope held for us by all enlightened species. That through love and integrity, humanity will rise above its tribulations and firmly grasp the rung of a higher destiny.

Marshall Masters (Producer/Host)

Marshall Masters is an author, publisher, media guest, Internet radio host and founder of Your Own World Books. A former CNN science features news producer, he specializes in Earth changes and space threats. He founded the web site in 1999.