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Spread the Word

CD-Audio with Extra Data Files

Spread the WordMarshall Masters (Producer, Host)

Awareness Does Not Mean Having to Stand Alone in Your Knowing

Knowledge brings the weight of responsibility with it, especially when knowing can mean the difference between life and death.

Some view such knowledge with personal gain in mind. Others reject it, because it confronts their beliefs. Either way, the result is the same — the message is stifled.

If you are a spiritual person, you know that this is not your path. Yet, not everyone is going to get it. In fact, most will not until it is too late. Ergo, saving the world is noble, but naive. In that case, who do you help? Those you can.

A Relaxed Way to Spread the Word

We've created this 30-minute audio and data CD to help you do exactly that, and we freely ship a copyable version of it with every book purchased through this web site.

This copyable CD-Extra will help you start a constructive conversation with those who possess both a sense of what is happening and the natural curiosity to explore new ideas with an open mind.

This is the kind of information you present to people with a natural interest, and in a setting that is conducive to a quiet and caring conversation.

Jumping up on a soapbox to evangelize this topic will leave you feeling mocked and humiliated by knee-jerk rejectionists. This is because they'll be very angry with you for tampering with their blinders, and rightfully so. Worse yet, you'll be wasting your time.

So remember Marshall's Motto. "Destiny comes to those who listen, and fate finds the rest." Fate will deal with the knee-jerk rejectionists, so you really only need to focus your energy, knowledge and love on those who listen. So how do you find them? That's simple!

You find them by following your instincts and letting your inner guides lead you through the phenomenon of synchronicity. The universe uses this beautiful mechanism to connect us to events and other people in a wonderfully meaningful way.

When you follow your inner voice, synchronicity will drive the process. Be aware of what is happening, and you'll soon encounter those who are actively looking for answers, even if they're not sure of the questions.

After synchronicity connects you with them, they'll appreciate your help in showing them a starting point for their own process of self-education.

Over time, finding these connections will become second nature to you. Within moments of meeting someone, you'll just know. However, until you know that certainty within yourself, use simple, innocuous qualifying questions to determine their interest and comfort level. Here's how it works.

Qualify Their Interest

Here are the three important things you want to learn about the other person:

  1. Are they aware of emerging patterns in their environment and the world about them?
  2. Are they comfortable with exploring cause-and-effect relationships?
  3. Are they independent thinkers, willing to "look outside the box?"

lf you sense a natural awareness and curiosity in them, start with an awareness question such as:

"When was the last time within the last few months that you remember a 3-day period when the media was not reporting unusual weather, bizarre infrastructure failures and disturbing global trends?"

If they show no particular interest in the question or give a flippant answer, drop it. Push it, and they'll soundly rebuke you. On the other hand, if their response evidences both awareness and concern, the next step is to determine their willingness to explore cause-and-effect relationships. Current events offer fertile ground for these kinds of qualifying questions. For example:

"Do you sense they possibility that there could be a connection between between the bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis and the wild fires, flooding and droughts in Europe this summer. Or do you think these are just random events with no connection whatsoever?"

If they absolutely reject the possibility out of hand, you're dealing with a rigid thinker. They'll usually have their own Plan A for whatever they encounter. Surviving Planet X and 2012 is a Plan B proposition. Move along. Let them argue their dogma with the universe. You've got better things to do.

On the other hand, if you perceive a willingness to explore even the most tenuous cause-and-effect relationships you're ready to ask your third and final qualifying question. You will want to know if they can they think outside the box like the advertising executives on Madison Avenue who make the big bucks do.

Ask an open-ended question that will also help establish rapport, such as:

"Like you, I've been seeing a lot of troubling Earth changes, and making sense of the confusion is hard, because it seems that a lot of people like the confusion. I do not, and I looked elsewhere and learned that 90% of all the solar systems in our galaxy have multiple suns.

Many feel that our solar system is the exception to the rule, but the data says otherwise, and what I've learned by studying it has helped me to understand what's really behind all these bizarre and troubling Earth changes.

If you're curious, I have a CD I copied that explains the science in simple terms. It may be of interest to your, or not. Would you like to have it?"

If they ask for the CD, give them a copy of the Spread the Word CD-Extra. Let them know it is an audio CD with extra files, which they can play in their car, PC, home stereo, etc. Once you've given it to them, change the topic of conversation to something light and entertaining.

Eventually, they'll find their way back to your doorstep, or not. If so, be prepared for some very serous questions. Do not pontificate. Rather, help them as the wise do, with direct answers to each of their questions. This way, their own curiosity will drive the process in a manner that is intuitive to them.

Marshall Masters (Producer/Host)

Marshall Masters is an author, publisher, media guest, Internet radio host and founder of Your Own World Books. A former CNN science features news producer, he specializes in Earth changes and space threats. He founded the web site in 1999.