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Fiction and Short Stories

Fiction is vital element of awareness because it brings the world to us in marvellous and proactive new ways. Through it we can explore vital human events and issues in more personal ways.

Godschild Covenant: Return of Nibiru    
Marshall Masters, Janice Manning    
Fact-based Action Novel About Surviving Nibiru, with Love and the Help of Aliens    

A fiction based on fact novel, Godschild Covenant is set against a global tribulation caused by the planet Nibiru. In the midst of this maelstrom, the dubious characters who've lurked in the shadows of Anthony Jarman's life now come forward to propel the story at a breathtaking pace.

Likeable and gifted with psychic abilities, Anthony enjoys political success until his enemies manage to conscript him into the hopeless role of a "releaser." In the midst of this dark passage, destiny recasts his fate when he meets Tanya. Beautiful and dynamic, but sad, she captures Anthony's interest at first sight. GO


Godschild Covenant: Return of Nibiru (Planet X - 2012)  
Alien Security: An Anthology for Human Freedom    
Marshall Masters, Janice Manning, Maurice Osborn    
Fact-based Anthology About the Sellout of Humanity and What We Can Do About It    

The core truth of UFOs and the existence of extraterrestrials is buried under a fog of highly-organized disinformation and propaganda. Freedom is not a right. It is a struggle, and winning this one is less about technology and more about self-determination.

Is there something you can do about it today? Yes, but first, know this. Not all aliens are our friends. Conversely, not all aliens are our enemies, and our friends have told how to preserve our freedom — while there is still time.

The action story by Maurice Osborn offers fiction based on facts, which span all the popular literature in UFOlogy. The Battle Book reports in Part 2 of this anthology offer a no-nonsense collection of non-fiction how-to reports. GO


Alien Security: An Anthology for Human Freedom  
Gold Fever    
Marshall Masters    
Conquistadors and Aliens Come Together When 3 Students Begin Prospecting in the Hills of Arizona    

If you've ever dreamed of striking it rich, then hold on to your hat because nothing is more intoxicating than Gold Fever. In this fast-paced adventure, two college fraternity brothers set out for the hills of Prescott, Arizona to finally make their big find. Cash-strapped, they’re forced to take on a new partner.

Both geeky and gutsy, she’s determined to follow her new prospecting partners and money into the hills of Northern Arizona. GO

Gold Fever  

Orange Blossom

Marshall Masters    
The Captivating Scent of an Exotic Woman Draws a Young Silicon Valley Consultant Into a Conspiracy    

Just when a young aerospace consultant thinks that his contract to document a sophisticated communications satellite system has been mysteriously cut short, he is given an unexpected reprieve.

There is a glitch in the ground control system and the brilliant engineer who designed it holds all the answers to his questions.  That is, provided he can penetrate her cold and reclusive nature. GO

Orange Blossom