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Alien Security

An Anthology for Human Freedom

Godschild Covenant: Return of Nibiru (Planet X - 2012)Foreword by Marshall Masters
Janice Manning, Editor
Maurice Osborn, Contributor

Fiction Is The Safest Place To Hide A Terrible Truth, So That All May Find It.—Marshall Masters

The core truth of UFOs and the existence of extraterrestrials is buried under a fog of highly-organized disinformation and propaganda. Freedom is not a right. It is a struggle, and winning this one is less about technology and more about self-determination.

Is there something you can do about it today? Yes, but first, know this. Not all aliens are our friends. Conversely, not all aliens are our enemies, and our friends have told how to preserve our freedom — while there is still time.

1st Edition — November 2009
372 Pages, 146,356 Words

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Nevada USA


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Freedom is a Struggle

Each time we laugh at the "it's that Roswell crap again!" sound bite, we take one more step backwards from the real truth of Roswell. Not what happened in 1947, but the fatal decisions made in the months following the crash. This anthology for human freedom uses fiction-based-on-fact. It lasers through this engineered fog and lays bare the big picture truth. That we're on the verge of becoming a slave species.

Is there anything we can do about it? You bet there is! Freedom is not a right. For us as well as generations past, it is a struggle, and winning this one is less about technology and more about self-determination.

Is there something you can do about it today? Yes, but first, know this. Today, the determined few will fight for our species. Tomorrow, it will be an army inspired by their courage. Whether you stand up for freedom today or tomorrow, the battle book section of this anthology offers you a simple plan for making a real difference, real fast.


Part 1 — Alien Security by Maurice Osborn
(Fiction Based on Fact)

What Maurice Osborn has done with this action story is to connect the truths using links of fiction that make the extraterrestrial presence on Earth easier to understand. What the reader takes away from this book is a high-level overview of the players, agendas, tactics and what this means to us.

The story begins with Army Captain Tom Evens, a remarkable Army "lifer" who rose through the ranks thanks to his nerves of steel and ability to build camaraderie and feel compassion for others. In this fast-paced drama, he uses a combination of human skills and military acumen to forge alliances with humans and extraterrestrials, alike. The question is, will those alliances save him from the dark forces trying to kill him?

What you'll realize after reading Maurice Osborn's story is that what happened at Roswell and the subsequent cover-up is not the real problem. Rather, the real problem facing humanity are the bad decisions made by power elites in the wake of Roswell. That's what the cover-up is all about. Now that we live in a universe teaming with life.


Part 2 — Battle Book Reports by
Various Authors (Non-Fiction)

The action story by Maurice Osborn offers fiction based on facts, which span all the popular literature in UFOlogy. The Battle Book reports in Part 2 of this anthology offer a no-nonsense collection of non-fiction how-to reports. Free PDF eDoc downloads for Battle Book reports 2, 3 and 4 are available.

*In Battle Book Report 1 ― Doing the Tell by Marshall Masters, you'll learn a simple, cost-free strategy to anonymously prevent the enslavement of humanity by self-serving elites. It will empower you! Then in Battle Book reports 2, 3 and 4, you find the tactical components of Marshll's strategy. Once you've finished reading this anthology, you'll know that you're far more powerful than you could have ever imagined before, and that feeling impotent before the power of elites is just part of their programming, but now you have a real choice.