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Gold Fever (eBook)

Gold Fever Marshall Masters (Author)

Conquistadors and Aliens Come Together When 3 Students Begin Prospecting in the Hills of Arizona

If you've ever dreamed of striking it rich, then hold on to your hat because nothing is more intoxicating than Gold Fever. In this fast-paced adventure, two college fraternity brothers set out for the hills of Prescott, Arizona to finally make their big find. Cash-strapped, they’re forced to take on a new partner.

Both geeky and gutsy, she’s determined to follow her new prospecting partners and money into the hills of Northern Arizona.

Along the way, this intrepid threesome discover camaraderie, mysteries, and a stunning connection to extraterrestrials dating back to the time of the Conquistadors. Their experience bonds lives together as it launches a whole new future for humankind.

eBook Edition

2nd Edition — December 2004
19,619 Words

Your Own World Books
Henderson, Nevada USA


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