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Orange Blossom (eBook)

Orange BlossomMarshall Masters (Author)

The Captivating Scent of an Exotic Woman Draws a Young Silicon Valley Consultant Into a Conspiracy

Just when a young aerospace consultant thinks that his contract to document a sophisticated communications satellite system has been mysteriously cut short, he is given an unexpected reprieve.

There is a glitch in the ground control system and the brilliant engineer who designed it holds all the answers to his questions.  That is, provided he can penetrate her cold and reclusive nature. Secretly drawn to him, she works hard to keep him and his curiosity at arm’s length.

With the heavy pressure from his superiors for results, he finds a backdoor to her secret and something else.  Something more personal, and infinitely more intriguing. It is her scent of orange blossoms, and it compels him to uncover one mystery as he is unwittingly drawn to another.

eBook Edition

2nd Edition — December 2004
14,485 Words

Your Own World Books
Henderson, Nevada USA


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