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Humanities and History

When we're blindsided by something new, we seek to understand exactly what we're dealing with. Herein is the treasure of the humanities and history.

Odds are, whatever blindsided us, passed this way once before, in some variant or another. This is where the knowledge of our forebears can offer us invaluable shortcuts to tried and true solutions.

Jesus and the Third Temple

Robert Reiland    
Why Building the Third Temple in Jerusalem is a Jewish Right and a Christian Imperative!

This book is of vital importance to Christians and Jews who question the urgency of building the Third Temple in Jerusalem.  It answers the most critical WHY, WHERE, WHEN and HOW questions by revealing the most important untold secret of the Holy Land. King Solomon’s Temple helped shape Christianity as we know it today. GO

Hear Robert in his 13-part series, The Great Tribulation

Jesus and the Third Temple  

When They Invite You to Dinner — Eat First

Laurie Hennicker, Marshall Masters    
Heart Warming Stories of Unconditional Love About a New York Immigrant Family During the Great Depression    

We all have "why me?" days and wish we’d stayed in bed. Then, we have those marvelous days that make life special. An old proverb tells us, "life is like a Zebra. One day a white stripe, the next day a black stripe, and it is always in motion."

When life seems parked on a black-stripe day, the heart-warming stories in this book will remind you that a white stripe is not far off. GO

When They Invite You to Dinner — Eat First