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Jesus and the Third Temple

The Complete Guide to the Ancient History and Secret Rituals of the Red Heifer Ceremony

Jesus and the Third TempleRobert Reiland (Author)

Why Building the Third Temple in Jerusalem is a Jewish Right and a Christian Imperative!

This book is of vital importance to Christians and Jews who question the urgency of building the Third Temple in Jerusalem.  It answers the most critical WHY, WHERE, WHEN and HOW questions by revealing the most important untold secret of the Holy Land. King Solomon’s Temple helped shape Christianity as we know it today.

With Jesus and the Third Temple, you are transported back in time to bear silent witness to the ancient sanctification and purification rites of God’s Chosen People. This was a time when they – and they alone – worshiped their God upon the hallowed grounds of the Temple Mount. 

There, you will learn ancient secrets that have survived time, cataclysm, conquest and change.  Secrets shared only with those deemed worthy to enter the Kodesh Ha-Kodeshim so as to be schooled in the curriculum of the sacred.  Then you will understand that which only a few have known. God's Divine Presence, Shekhinah, actually dwelled in the Tabernacle, Solomon’s Temple and the Second Temple.

Sharing this ancient secret is an imperative for Christians. This is because our present day understanding of this sacred site is largely based on the limited knowledge of those who once lived and worked outside its walls.  Even though they cherished it as the holiest site of their nation, their misperceptions have endured until now.

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3rd Edition — January 2010
688 Pages

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The Great Tribulation Podcast

HOST: Marshall Masters, Publisher
GUEST: Robert Reiland, Author

In this 13-part series, author Robert Reiland, reveals the hidden mysteries of what really took place in Jerusalem during the days of Yeshua, and the laws by which he faithfully lived - and died. Buy Now

His views will not be the ones you would expect to hear from the pulpit. This is because his book represents decades of impartial research. Robert followed the truth where it lead him and in the process, deepened his own relationship with God and in ways he could have never imagined.

Why is this knowledge important? Because to this day, it remains an ancient and powerful force of history. Yes, the very one driving today's headlines, as events unfold in the Middle East.

This is why the goal of this series is to bring Christians and Jews together with a shared sense of history, purpose and commitment to Messiah.


01 - Why Israel Will Be the Last Nation Standing [44:41]
02 - Pillar, Fire and Cloud [45:49]
03 - He Goats and Scapegoats [35:04]
04 - Finding the Temple Site [40:47]
05 - Secrets Revealed [38:04]
06 - The Most Amazing Prophecy [44:55]
07 - The Red Heifer Ceremony [44:19]
08 - The Jewish “Rapture” [39:07]
09 - “Jewish” Days and Nights [43:38]
10 - The Messiah's First Advent [42:51]
11 - The Fire and the Cloud [39:49]
12 - The Tribulation [35:16]
13 - The Third and Fourth Temples [37:32]


Everything You Need to Know, From the Days of Moses to the Present

Jesus and the Third Temple is divided into seven parts. The first three parts are devoted primarily to tracing from that first appearance of Shekhinah - The Divine Presence - who appeared to Moses and The Jewish People as a "pillar of cloud by day" and as a "pillar of fire by night" - to the miracles and Glorious Events in the Second Temple, and finally, a Glorious Departure of Shekhinah into Heaven.

  • 692 Pages Packed with Long Withheld, Secret Knowledge
  • 48 Illustrations - Detailed, High-Resolution Maps, Photographs and Drawings
  • 4 Indices - Alphabetical, Scripture, Talmud and Midrash

The remaining four parts interpret the cryptic meanings of the Red Heifer ceremony, Judaism's most important Temple rite and it must be performed prior to His arrival! When He does arrive, He will restore a Temple to be built on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It will be "The Third Temple" - Messiah's "Headquarters" for His rule of all the nations of the Earth.

A time when all of Earth will be restored to peace and will have been returned to that same condition that Earth enjoyed at The Creation. There will be no war, no crime, no disease, no disasters, no injustice - no suffering of any kind!

Robert Reiland

While working as a highly successful aeronautical engineer for a major defense contractor in 1978, Robert Reiland began researching ancient wisdom texts detailing the rituals of the Tabernacle, Solomon’s Temple and the Second Temple. These obscure histories are largely unfamiliar to both Jewish and Christian laity. Following his retirement in 1990, Robert devoted his full time to documenting his findings, which now appear in Jesus and the Third Temple.