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Being In It for the Species:
The Universe Speaks

Being In It for the Species: The Universe SpeaksMarshall Masters

This Book is a Manifesto of Hope for the Future and the Promise of Enduring Freedom for Our Species

The timing of this book is no accident, for humanity now stands upon the precipice of a long and grueling tribulation. However, it will not be a hopeless suffering, because in the midst of this chaos, there will come a rare opportunity for us to free ourselves from the shackles of species bondage once and for all.

To help humanity seize this opportunity in a loving and decisive way, the Guides, those who reside in the presence of the Creator as enlightened beings, share the signs and events of what is to come so we may survive. Theirs is a soul-fulfilling message to all of humankind. Do not yield your lives to fear, dismay and hopelessness, but rather, survive through knowledge, integrity and spiritual strength.

The intention of our Creator, is that we survive, thrive and reach the stars as an enlightened and peaceful, spacefaring race. The path will be difficult for sure, but the destination is what Being In It for the Species is all about.

The conclusions and statements made in this book are not the author’s nor those of the research team who assisted him in the preparation of this book. They are statements and answers from the Guides, those in the spiritual world who would see humanity in awareness and preparedness.

1st Edition — September 2014
318 Pages, 56 Illus., 65,031 Words, 13pt Body Type

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Nevada USA


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Printed by Your Own World Books

Being In It for the Species (Laminate Hardcover Edition)

  • ISBN 10: 1-59772-121-2
  • ISBN 13: 978-1-59772-121-9

Being In It for the Species (Paperback Edition)

  • ISBN 10: 1-59772-120-4
  • ISBN 13: 978-1-59772-120-2

Printed by CreateSpace

Being In It for the Species (Paperback Edition)

  • ISBN 10: 1-50235-369-5
  • ISBN 13: 978-1-50235-369-6

Table of Contents

Section I – The Monsters in the Closet

  • Introduction
  • The Planet X System
  • Harbinger Events
  • Lithosphere Lock and Departure
  • Three Days of Darkness and Rotation Reverse
  • The Great Winnowing
  • Earth Trembles and the Return of the Elites
  • Transiting the Tail

Section II – We Are Gods in Training

  • We Are Gods in Training
  • Tribulation and Human Evolution
  • Free Will and Tribulation
  • The Intention of Free Will
  • Free Will and The Future of Our Species
  • Awareness is the Measure of Free Will
  • Global Awareness
  • Intention Vortex Event
  • Alien Boneyards
  • A Chance for Noble Leadership
  • Simple Truth Works Best
  • Vortex Success on Other Worlds
  • Swarm Them with Hope
  • Run to Freedom

Section III – Being In It for the Species

  • A Life Worth Living
  • Charging the Guns
  • A Blessing of Misfortune
  • Backs Against the Wall
  • Friend or Foe
  • Diamond in the Rough
  • Whit and Weave
  • Freedom is a Good Spouse
  • What Happens Next?
  • Filling the Void
  • The Songs of Our Children