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Surviving the Planet X Tribulation:
A Faith-Based Leadership Guide

Surviving the Planet X TribulationMarshall Masters

A First-of-Its-Kind Approach to Surviving
the Coming Planet X Tribulation

This 432 page leadership guide with 142 color illustrations was written for faith-based tribulation leaders who are experiencing awareness compression. Its comforting, story-driven, conversational style will help faith-based leaders to quickly grasp the information and strategies required to effectively get their flocks to safety. It will also help them to understand that they are not alone, that there is divine help available, and there will be safety as many are called to come together in groups to survive what's coming and rebuild a more enlightened culture afterward.

Author Reading of "Chapter 1 — You and Me"

Among us are those who have been in awareness for decades, often since childhood, through dreams, visions, and premonitions. These precious few were destined before birth to help others to anticipate tribulation events and create hope for the future by being in service as teachers, mentors, and omforters. If this role resonates with your life experience, then you are not here by chance.

For Those in Awareness

You are in awareness because God intends for you to be a part of the solution. Read and study this book thoroughly to prepare yourself for your true mission and calling. Then, when a spiritual leader you admire and respect is seeing the same clear and present danger that you are, your path is simple. Hand that leader this book as you say, "You need a plan, and this is the plan that will work for what is coming. Please read it, and if you have any questions, I am always at your service."

Are you worried for yourself and your loved ones because you cannot afford a mountain of beans? Then prove that you are worth your weight in beans by using this book as a bridging tool. It will help you to establish your value as a teacher, mentor, and comforter to those whom you are in service to.

By reading and studying this book you'll experience first hand the true power of the mentoring process. Then, when the time comes, be yourself as you mentor and comfort tribulation leaders through the difficulties of awareness compression. In this way you will gain their confidence, both through your centeredness and through your devotion to serving to others.

1st Edition — August 2016
432 Pages, 142 Color Illus., 13pt Body Type

Your Own World Books
Nevada USA


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This edition come with our Surviving the Planet X Tribulation Supplemental Audio CD set.  These interviews by Marshall Masters directly address a cornerstone concept presented in our book, Surviving the Planet X Tribulation: A Faith-based Leadership Guide.  The use of concrete domes as strong, safe, rapid deployment structures.  Domes are an ancient, time-tested design and offer durable survivability for both single family and multifamily shelters.

Disc No. 1: Low-Tech Arcosanti Domes

Arcologist Erin Jeffries of Arcosanti, Arizona introduces the city's novel, low-tech approach to constructing dwellings and communities.  

Disc No. 2: High-Tech Monolithic Domes

In this strategic planning interview with Monolithic Dome co-inventor and CEO, David B. South you'll learn a faster high-tech approach to building concrete domes.

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Surviving the Planet X Tribulation: (Laminate Hardcover Edition)

  • ISBN 10: 1-59772-141-7
  • ISBN 13: 978-1-59772-141-7

Surviving the Planet X Tribulation: (Paperback Edition)

  • ISBN 10: 1-59772-140-9
  • ISBN 13: 978-1-59772-140-0

Table of Contents

  • You and Me
  • The Big Picture
  • Impossible Decisions
  • Planet X Orbitarium
  • What's at Stake
  • The Tribulation
  • Threat Matrix Exploratorium
  • Survival Village Imaginarium
  • Communications for Civil Rule
  • Incident Command System
  • Enlightened Continuity and Comfort
  • Launch
  • Epilogue

About Marshall Masters

Marshall first began writing about Planet X and survival in January of 2002 and is the publisher of Your Own World USA. A frequent guest on the Coast to Coast AM show with George Noory, Marshall sees a dark tribulation cloud coming, as do other researchers, but he also sees a silver lining — an opportunity for the freedom and spiritual evolution of humankind.

Marshall's drumbeat message is, “Surviving the tribulation is not about holding on to things, it's about holding on to each other.”

Marshall is also a ham radio operator with a General license, a certified ARES volunteer (Amateur Radio Emergency Services), and a certified CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams) volunteer.

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