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Discus Administrator

Attention DiscusWare customers. It appears that this firm is out of business. We have tried contacting them several times and they are not responding to email, phone or fax. Therefore, we are no longer selling this book. —Marshall Masters, Author


Discus AdministratorMarshall Masters (Author)

The Fast Track Way to Plan and Set Up a Discus Pro Message Board

This read-and-work administrator guidebook for Discus Pro 4, shows you how to quickly plan and setup a new message board with a Discus Pro configuration optimized for your specific needs and goals. Great for novice and experienced message board administrators alike.

About the Author

Prior to founding Your Own World Books, Marshall Masters worked as a freelance technical writer in the Silicon Valley of Northern California and specializes in networking white papers.  With over 25 years of experience in the computer industry, his client list includes such notable firms as AT&T, Oracle, Sun, HP and Lockheed Martin. 

After running several large mail lists with over 1,800 subscribers for over three years, Marshall purchased Discus Pro for his own web site and quickly saw the need for a workflow-based guidebook for new Discus Pro administrators.  



Discus Professional is the most powerful message board on the market because of its numerous features and extensive administrative capabilities.

Discus Administrator by Marshall Masters is great for any administrator, because he shows you how to choose and implement the best combination of features for your own message board needs. First-time administrators will especially like Marshall's simple explanations and step-by-step procedures.

Marshall takes you from the crucial planning stages through the implementation of your strategies in a straightforward and understandable manner. He really does show you how to do it right the first time.

Kevin W. Paulisse
DiscusWare Co-Founder

* * * * *

I have no previous programming experience and the closest thing to knowing a computer language is having used Basic in the early 1980s and knowing a bit of HTML, no help there. So while searching for software to host my discussion board, one of my main considerations was, "What type of help is available in the way of documentation in solid form?"

Masters' book was immensely helpful while setting up my board and I am not sure I could have figured things out had I not had it at my disposal; it was glued to my lap during the entire setup process. Between the Discus Pro support site and Masters' book I was able to have my discussion board up and running in less than a week. The step-by-step procedures included in the book were invaluable and made clear the basic functions of getting the Discus Pro software formatted and my discussion board on-line. I would recommend Masters' book to anyone who has purchased Discus Pro.

Dorothy Walker
Salinas, California

* * * * *

Since I haven't yet started using DiscusWare I'm sure I don't know the full value of the book yet. But I believe it will get me off on the right foot and gave me some new ideas on how to use the program. Nice job.

Terry Edger
Charlevoix, MI


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction

  • Chapter Overview

Chapter 2 – Organizing Content with Discus Pro

  • Natural and Intuitive Content Organization
  • Creating Categories
  • Assigning Topics
  • Creating (Sub-Topic) Threads
  • Working with Pages
  • Posting and Viewing Messages

Chapter 3 – Configuring Global Options

  • Planning for the Tasks in This Chapter
  • Determining Allotted Storage Space
  • Assigning a Windows Mail Server
  • Creating A Message Board Administrator E-Mail Address
  • Logging on For the First Time
  • Working in Basic Administration Mode
  • Checking for Available Storage Space
  • Composing Top Page Content
  • Spawning the Message Board in a New Window
  • Entering Your Own Top Page Content
  • Choosing A New Skin
  • Installing the Tables III Skin
  • Creating Global Options for all Message Board Users
  • Configuring Global Posting Settings
  • Configuring Global User and Moderator Profile Settings
  • Sending and Posting Messages via E-Mail
  • Creating Helpful Message Board Icons for Moderators

Chapter 4 – Managing Backup Files

  • Performing Your First Discus Pro Global Backup
  • Performing Discus Pro Default Backups
  • Restoring Backup Files
  • What Is Your Message Board Worth?

Chapter 5 – Encouraging User Participation

  • Developing User Policies for Your Message Board
  • Netiquette Rule Suggestions
  • Posting Your Netiquette Rules
  • Choosing Your Moderators

Chapter 6 – Club Discus Moderators Tutorial

  • Welcome to Club Discus
  • Creating Moderator E-Mail Aliases
  • Creating User Groups
  • Creating a New Moderator Accounts
  • Assigning User Group Administration Privileges
  • Creating Topics for Your Moderators
  • Spawning the Message Board in a New Window
  • Creating Your First Message Threads

Chapter 7 – Club Discus Content and Users Tutorial

  • Creating Club Discus Categories and Topics
  • Setting Restricted Editing Access Rights
  • Setting Restricted Viewing and Posting Rights
  • Configuring Club Discus Global Settings
  • Exploring Club Discus
  • Backing up the Club Discus Example
  • Restoring Your Original Message Board Configuration

Chapter 8 – Planning Your Own Message Board

  • Important Planning Concepts
  • Touring the Discus Pro Manager Pages
  • Developing Hierarchical Content Structures
  • Applying Manager Pages to What We’ve Learned
  • Working with Discus Administrator Planning Templates

APPENDIX A – Workflow Planning Templates

  • Step 1 – Group Manager and Top Page Template
  • Step 2 – Moderator Manager Template
  • Step 3 – Topic Manager Template
  • Step 4 – Access Manager Template
  • Step 5 – Page Layout Template
  • Step 6 – Thread Layout Template
  • Step 7 – User Manager Template