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Your Own World Internet Radio

Cut to the ChaseEnjoy Cutting Edge Interviews on Cut To The Chase with Marshall Masters

Since 2004, Marshall has interviewed over 100 of the top authors and experts in the areas of 2012 Planet X, Earth changes, history, crop circles and more.

Unlike other shows that follow an advertiser-friendly schedule, new Cut to the Chase shows are released in conjunction with the 2012 and Planet X research efforts of founders, Marshall Masters, Jacco van der Worp, MSC and Janice Manning. Consequently, our shows often tend to be well ahead of the times, so be sure to listen to them all.


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Home Study System

Marshall Masters, Jacco van der Worp, MSc, Janice Manning    
This Popular Value Package Offers an Essential 2012 and Planet X Study System, Complete with Two Books and Six CDs    

The Home Study System is ideal for those wishing to quickly and efficiently immerse themselves in the topic of Planet X and 2012. It offers a broad perspective of current science on the topic, how-to survival knowledge and historical accounts of previous Plant X flybys. For the easiest immersion experience, start with the audio and data CD's. These professionally produced audio and video programs will quickly get you up to speed with all the high level issues of immediate concern.

The core of the system is The Kolbrin Bible. It describe an object in orbit around our sun sun called the "Destroyer," which the Celtic authors call the "Frightener." We presently know it as Planet X and according to the ancients, it will return in our time. GO

Home Study System  

Master Research Library

Masters, van der Worp, Manning, Jenner, Jernigan    
With Four Books and Eight CDs, This is Our Best Value Package for Advanced 2012 and Planet X Researchers    

The cornerstone of Master Research Library is The Kolbrin Bible which comes in your choice of trade paperback and genuine leather bindings. is a 2-part, 11-book secular anthology. According to Greg Jenner, author of Planet X and The Kolbrin Bible Connection, it is the Rosetta Stone of Planet X which is also commonly referred to as Nibiru. Used together, these books offer a historical view of past flybys and predictions for these times.

As you move from the historical account to the present, Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide and 2012 Wisdom of The Elohim present the current science on Planet X and how-to prepare for the coming flyby, both materially and spiritually. GO

Master Research Library  

More About Cut to to the Chase

The genesis of this show was Marshall's September 2003 interview with Art Bell, on the Coast to Coast AM show. During the interview he realized that doing Internet radio with same focus Art had in his early years, would be an excellent way to augment his research into Earth changes, space threats and human evolution.

Cut to the Chase first debuted on February 14, 2004 and Marshall's first guest was Jim Berkland, the former USGS geologist who accurately predicted the earthquake that struck the San Francisco Bay Area in 1989.

In fact, Marshall was a few miles South of where the World Series was being held, when the quake struck, and during that interview, they discussed the growing concerns over seismic activity at Long Valley and Yellowstone.

Since then, Marshall has used the show to gather incredible insights into the work of serious authors and researchers and shares it with you for free. The programs informative and fun with a solid, "news you can use" format.

Cut to the Chase is a property of Your Own World, Inc. and hosted on the Your Own World USA ( web site (established 1999.) It's largest demographic areas is the greater Washington D.C. area and it's second largest is the Lawrence-Livermore area in Northern CA.